Social Science & Humanities news: Videos enhance course curriculum.

Mar 08, 2017 · Daniel Coffey

To remain at the forefront of what academic libraries offer to instructors as pedagogical and research resources, the Iowa State University Library continues to acquire subscriptions to groups of streaming videos from organizations that supply films that are educational as well as entertaining.

From resources that cater to theater scholars and contain many television broadcasts of theatrical productions, to films that deal with American history, to collections of hundreds of educational videos from respected institutions like PBS and films for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Library?s streaming video offerings shouldn?t be overlooked when planning a curriculum or doing extensive research.

A large number of the streaming video databases that the Library subscribes to offer closed captioning and audio transcripts, as well as ?allow instructors to annotate specific clips for student use.? Additional details and a complete list of the streaming video databases available through the Library?s Article Indexes and Databases can be found in the essential Streaming Videos: Collections & Guidelines guide, created by Library Instruction Department Head Susan Vega Garcia. Take time to explore the thousands of streaming videos the University Library has available.