Safari updates ebook package.

Feb 13, 2018 · Heather Lewin

Safari Books Online from O’Reilly is a collection of ~50,000 ebooks and videos, covering topics in computer science, business and management, personal and career development, engineering, software and Web development, drawing and painting, and travel. The collection has recently been updated with a new user interface and now provides the ISU community with unlimited simultaneous users (up from the previous limit of five).

Users can discover Safari ebooks through the library’s Quick Search engine or by exploring lists organized by topic area on Safari’s homepage.

Example books include:

Note: content is only available for downloading and offline viewing through the Safari Queue app.


Safari’s new interface does not use IP-authentication, but requires all users to create a Safari account with their email address in order to view material. All users, whether on- or off-campus, will need an account to access Safari content.

To register, navigate to Safari Books Online, choose any book title, and enter the email address (the sign-up dialog box specifies “students,” but anyone with a current email can create an account). Temporary access will be granted, and users will get a confirmation email with a link to finish setting up the complete user account, which asks for an optional major and graduation year.