Research Services news: LexisNexis replaced by Nexis Uni.

Sep 11, 2017

The company that provides LexisNexis Academic has replaced it with a new product called Nexis Uni. The migration was mandatory for all U.S. academic libraries. Nexis Uni is available from the ISU Library Databases & Articles tab and can be accessed directly.

Researchers are not required to create a free account with Nexis Uni; however, individual accounts give researchers the ability to use personalized features including creating alerts, saved searches, bookmarking documents, a customized homepage and specialized search forms.

One of the major advantages to Nexis Uni is that it will allow users to search all LexisNexis content in a single search and will have an unlimited results set. Detailed information is available about the differences between Nexis Uni and LexisNexis Academic.