Parks Library is open 24/7 Dec. 4-16.

Nov 30, 2016 · Monica Gillen

Fall semester is coming to a close, but fear not. Parks Library will be open around the clock Dec. 4-16, 2016, during dead and finals weeks. Students and faculty recognize the extent and value of services offered in the library and were quick to express their gratitude at the conclusion of the spring semester, when the 24/7 open-hours test was labeled a success. Library hours were even cited by one student as the reason she passed all her classes.

?We are pleased to keep Parks Library open continuously during dead and finals weeks,? said Dean of Library Services Beth McNeil. ?In addition to a quiet place for serious studying around the clock for those 13 days, we?ll offer fruit and other snacks in the early morning hours along with relaxing activities.?

By popular request, Bookends Caf? in Parks Library will be open expanded hours, too. Students and faculty can stop by for food and fuel until 11 p.m., Dec. 9-10 and until 2 a.m. Dec. 11-14.

The library boasts reliable Internet access and even though there are constant requests for more, electric outlets and USB ports for devices are plentiful. Students say the library is bright and full of other people engaged in coursework, too, which makes it a good alternative to a dorm room or apartment, especially at night.

Speaking of home, when students reach the point where they?ve had enough and need to sleep, they are encouraged to go home and get solid rest. Over 10,000?people use the library each day and more during the next few weeks, so with student academic success, safety and space as the main interests, literally living at the library for these next two weeks is discouraged. Come early. Stay late. Go home when you?re tired.

?Students? academic success often revolves around the library, whether it?s for group projects, research materials, or simply a quiet place to study," said Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert. "I?am grateful for Dean Beth McNeil, and all of?the Library?s faculty and staff, for supporting students at this critical time of the semester."

Those who study at the library during dead and finals weeks never know who might stop by the library in the early morning hours, and it?s anyone?s guess what type of food they might bring.

?Visiting the library overnight during finals week is also one of my favorite new traditions,? Wickert said. ?I look forward to talking with students, handing out donuts, and hearing about their academic work."

?I look forward to talking with students during my pre-dawn shifts on Dec. 5 and Dec. 11,? said McNeil, who delivered fresh cookies one morning this spring.

Special Collections and University Archives and the Media Center will maintain regular hours. For additional information about hours, resources and services, visit the University Library website. For additional information about Bookends Caf?, visit the ISU Dining website.