Parks Library is open 24/7 April 23-May 5, 2017.

Apr 19, 2017 · Monica Gillen

The end of the semester draws near and hints of spring are everywhere. One of those end-of-semester signs is Parks Library will be open around the clock April 23-May 5, 2017,?during dead and finals weeks. Students, faculty and staff recognize the scope of library services and that access to collections and facilities is important to academic success.

?I?m pleased that we can once again keep Parks Library open nonstop during the final weeks of the semester,? said Dean of Library Services Beth McNeil. ?Thank you to library faculty and staff members who adjust their schedules to assist with our 24/7 effort.? ?

Students find that Parks is a desirable alternative study space to a dorm room or apartment, especially at night. It?s bright and full of other people who are absorbed in coursework, too.

According to Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert, 24/7 Library hours are just one more way Iowa State helps students finish the academic year strong.

?Success on final projects and exams often revolves around the Library, whether it?s a place for groups to meet, or just a quiet corner away from the din of dorms and apartments,? Provost Wickert said. "Visiting the library overnight during finals week is also one of my favorite new traditions. I look forward to talking with students, handing out donuts, and hearing about their academic work."

When students reach the point where they?re tired of studying and need to sleep, they are encouraged to go home and get solid rest. Ten thousand people come to the library each day and more during the next two weeks. The staff is focused on student academic success, safety and space. Come early and stay late, but go home to sleep.

Fresh fruit will be available to students at Parks Library during the overnight hours, and other types of snacks may be offered. Bookends Caf? in Parks Library will be open expanded hours, too. Students and faculty can stop by for food and fuel until 11 p.m., April 28 & 29 and until 2 a.m. April 30-May 3.

Special Collections and University Archives and the Media Center will maintain regular hours. For additional information about hours, resources and services, visit the University Library website. For additional information about Bookends Caf?, visit the ISU Dining website.