Obsessed with helping people find things - Staff profile

Oct 27, 2005
Jon Haupt, Fine & Performing Arts Librarian, Assistant Professor
152 University Library, Reference & Instruction
(515) 294-0904
Jon Haupt


I am a librarian because I am obsessed with helping people find things. While I have a music background, I've always been interested in the "who, what, when, where, why, and how" of information. I soaked up everything in my Library and Information Science (LIS) program... 'they' told me that I would probably find something that I really liked by the end of the first year, and my second year could be used to go more in-depth into that area. Instead, I liked everything, from information architecture to advanced cataloging to preservation to "the history of recorded information" and crammed my schedule with all kinds of interesting courses through two years and a summer, along with two internships. Anyhow, my interest in all areas of library and information science has probably been apparent if you've spotted me chatting with anyone in the library. At any given moment, it seems I could be talking about the annoyance of subfield v and subfield x displaying separately in the catalog, how many pixels on the long side makes 600 dpi, how to write web page structure into CSS files to avoid tables and frames, why I think the reference area would be a good place for an information commons, how to map a faculty member's course objectives to information literacy guidelines, or joking about the intricacies of "the reference interview".

Library Responsibilities: (subject specialties, etc.)

I am the subject specialist for Art & Design, Music, Theater and Dance.

Research Interests/Experience/Related Projects:

I'm currently very interested in Information and the Quality of Life, or how people's interaction with information affects their ability to work, socialize, or otherwise live their lives. In particular, I am interested in speedup (the sense that everything is getting faster around us), busyness (the sense that there is no "dead" time anymore, and all of our free time is taken up with "housekeeping" tasks), fragmentation (the sense that our attention is being pulled in a million different directions at once), and information overload (the sense that there is too much information for us to handle and our brain wants to shut it off).

Professional Memberships and Activities:

I am a member of the Music Library Association. I'm on the Legislative Committee and the Information Sharing Subcommittee.