News from Science & Technology: What is Knovel?

Oct 14, 2015 · Michael Bobb

Knovel is an e-book platform available to staff, faculty, and students at ISU through the University Library website. This database/application is weighted to engineering fields (all sub-disciplines), but in addition there are some selections from food science, biochemistry, earth sciences, and textiles, as examples. There are over 750 e-books on Mechanical Engineering, over 450 on Oil & Gas Engineering, and over 280 e-books on Electrical & Power Engineering. All of the e-books are available to read as PDF files by chapter, and by creating an account (free to those affiliated with Iowa State), can be saved to a folder. To find the Knovel database, visit the University Library homepage, locate Article Indexes & Databases, select the letter K and find it in alphabetical order, or search for it by name on the previous screen.

New Knovel feature: Knovel to Go

Knovel can be viewed on a tablet with an app called Knovel To Go. Mobile users who like Knovel, may find Knovel To Go is something to test out. It is easy to setup and get going. Install the app and add titles directly to Knovel To Go, or add them from the regular folder in Knovel.

Data Search Query Builder

An interesting and awesome feature in Knovel is that books can be searched for datasets. For interactive datasets, search or filter by various properties, such as (for a mechanical engineering example) bearing strength (204 datasets), creep stress (16 results), or hardness (29 results). You can filter via more than one property at a time. Accomplish this on a tablet by touching and dragging from the lists of properties, which are sorted by categories for easy findability in a research area. The universe of datasets is from the e-books that are available in the entire Knovel collection.??