News from Science & Technology: Need to write a data management plan?

Sep 09, 2015 · Megan O'Donnell

Iowa State University Library is a subscriber to DMPTool, an interactive Web application that serves as a guide to create a data management plan (DMP). DMPTool has templates for a variety of proposals customized to help users develop a DMP to meet the needs of different funding agencies and foundations. Sample data management plans created by other users of the tool can be browsed, though, be warned, anyone can make their plan public so the quality of the sample plans will vary.

The Library?s Data Management Plan Guide was updated this summer. The new guide is easier to navigate, and contains links to agency requirements but summaries, topic overviews, and an updated FAQ page. Find out more about all of the Library?s Data Management services, including DMPTool and the DMP Guide, on the University Library website.

Please contact the Library?s Office of Scholarly Communication with questions or suggestions about DMPTool or the Data Management Plan Guide.