News from Science & Technology: ISU Engineers' Week celebrates 50 years

Sep 09, 2015 · Eric Schares

Iowa State University Engineers? Week (E-Week) is held each year to educate the public about the work engineers do, engage with the wider community, and celebrate the rich tradition of engineering at Iowa State. E-Week is traditionally held the third week of September; however, this year is the 50th anniversary celebration, so it is being expanded to include events in both the fall and spring semesters.

The Library has some great resources available to help spread the word and provide support to engineers.

Edison or Tesla??

Parks Library has a wide range of biographies of notable engineers. Interested in the life of Nikola Tesla?? Watch the 2006 movie The Prestige (featuring David Bowie as Nikola Tesla) available from Parks Library Media Center or read The Oatmeal?s comic comparing Tesla and Edison?s engineering achievements. Why not check out a book on building a Tesla coil (call number TK9915) or read his autobiography (TK140)?? The complete papers of Thomas Edison are available in seven volumes, as well as works on Shockley, Fleming, Siemens, and many other distinguished engineers.

Research the Literature

Now that you are sufficiently inspired to go change the world, it is time to review the most recent developments in your research area. Accomplish this easily by searching for peer-reviewed journal articles in one of the Library?s databases.

A great place to start a quest for knowledge is the Article Indexes & Databases link from the Library?s homepage. From there, choose a subject area from the dropdown menus and get recommendations on key databases to search. Some common examples of core engineering databases are Scopus, Compendex, Web of Science, or IEEE Xplore.

If the journal title of interest is known, find it using the Library?s main search box or the e-Journals link, both found on the Library?s homepage. ISU students have access to a wide range of full-text electronic resources such as journals, conference proceedings, standards, theses and dissertations, and electronic books through the Library?s institutional subscriptions.


Please feel free to contact a subject specialist librarian with questions. There is a librarian to help with research in all subject areas!