New titles available from the ISU Digital Press 

Aug 10, 2022 · Harrison W. Inefuku

The Iowa State University Digital Press, a unit of the Iowa State University Library, aims to publish high quality scholarship in the areas reflected in Iowa State’s curricular and research offerings, tell stories of Iowa and the Midwest, and diversify the voices in the scholarly record. Over the past year, the Digital Press published journals, conference proceedings, and open textbooks, and digitally published books that were previously published only in print. New publications from the Digital Press include: 

Featured Journal 

Meat and Muscle Biology 

Meat and Muscle Biology is the premier, international, fully Open Access journal that is a publication home for a broad scope of high quality, peer-reviewed manuscripts on all aspects of meat science (including meat derived from domestic mammals, avian species, aquaculture species, amphibians, wild capture mammals, synthetic meat analogs and cell culture) applied muscle biology and related topics. 



Featured Books 

Sergii Kotlyk, editor. New Information Technologies, Simulation, and Automation.

The monograph summarizes and analyzes the current state of development of computer and mathematical simulation/modeling, the automation of management processes, the use of information technologies in education, the design of information systems and software complexes, the development of computer telecommunication networks and technologies—most areas that are united by the term Industry 4.0. 

The monograph will be useful both for experts and employees of companies engaged in the field of IT and automation, as well as for educators, masters, students and postgraduates of higher educational institutions, and everyone interested in issues related to Industry 4.0. 

The text of this monograph is in Ukrainian. 

Peter P. Goché. Black Contemporary

This project is an enormous undertaking and an admirable practice model that is feeding Peter Goché’s own critical research and creative practice and that of guest theorists, artists and architects as well as numerous students from Iowa State University. It is a force of its own, developed into what is truly a unique design practice and powerful learning environment. 



Featured Textbooks 

Austin Bray and Reza Montazami. A Guide to MATLAB for ME 160

This textbook provides an introduction to the MATLAB programming language for first-year mechanical engineering students enrolled in ME 160. Designed to follow the content taught in class, this book provides a supplement to in-class learning that is presented at a level that is understandable to a student with no experience coding before coming to Iowa State University. 

Walter Suza and Donald Lee. Genetics, Agriculture, and Biotechnology.  

This textbook provides an introduction to plant genetics and biotechnology for the advancement of agriculture. A clear and structured introduction to the topic for learners new to the field of genetics, the book includes: an introduction to the life cycle of the cell, DNA and how it relates to genes and chromosomes, DNA analysis, recombinant DNA, biotechnology, and transmission genetics. 



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