A new process to access electronic resources through the library website

May 04, 2020

The multi-phase process of implementing OpenAthens continues. ISU Library resource users are already familiar with logging into library systems. In the next phase, users will experience a rerouted path to online resources via OpenAthens. 

WHAT is changing? 

The system that Iowa State University users utilize to login into library resources is changing. Users will continue using university credentials (NetID) through Okta. As a result, users will need to be logged into Okta to use library resources when they are on campus and will still need to log in when off campus. Bookmarks to journals and databases will break and need to be re-saved. This process works in concert with the University’s single sign on system, so for users who have already signed in via Okta, the authentication will be seamless and transparent. 

WHEN will this change take place? 

The change is scheduled to take place on May 11, 2020.  

WHO is affected by this change? 

All members of the campus community who utilize licensed online resources need to be aware of the change and will be affected by it. For each session, whether on campus or off campus, all users need to login via OpenAthens the first time they access a subscription-based database, electronic journal or e-book.  

Visitors to the library will still be able to access materials as expected without a NetID. There will be instructions displayed at public computer stations. 

If you utilize bookmarks to frequently used resources, new bookmarks will need to be created on or soon after May 11. There may be a period of time that current bookmarks will be usable; however, at some point, and without notice, they will cease to work. Visit this link for video instructions on creating bookmarks.

WHY the change? 

Security is the top priority when it comes to providing users access to resources. At the same time, this change will improve reliability and simplify access to licensed materials. Additionally, the usage data that the library can now access will aid our staff with purchasing decisions. 

Step-by-step videos of the login process and creating bookmarks are available on the University Library YouTube channel. If you have questions or you're not able to access needed resources once the change is in effect, please contact 515-294-3961, circdesk@iastate.edu or chat at lib.iastate.edu.