Monday Monologues continues Sept. 20, Oct. 4 and Oct. 11 

Sep 03, 2021 · Susan Gent

Monday Monologues is a University Library-hosted performance series that spotlights Iowa State student and faculty voices.  Take a break at noon to enjoy short productions which speak to us in the current moment. Performances may contain adult language and themes.  

Sept 20 | noon, on the steps in front of Parks Library 
Climate Change Theatre Action 

Directed by Charissa Menefee, Department of Music & Theatre and the MFA in Creative Writing and Environment program 

Get a glimpse of ISU Theatre's Climate Change Theatre Action 2021. These short performance pieces explore climate change and serve as a call to community action in partnership with the MFA Program in Creative Writing & Environment, The EcoTheatre Lab, and the international Climate Change Theatre Action initiative (CCTA). Founded in 2015, CCTA is a worldwide series of performances presented biennially to coincide with the United Nations Climate Change Conference. ISU Theatre's 2021 contribution to the CCTA initiative will encourage participation in the current climate action planning process for Ames, Iowa. 

Full-length performances will take place at the South Library Lawn on September 23rd at 5:15 p.m. and at the Ames Public Library, 515 Douglas Ave., on Oct 3, at 3 p.m. 

October 4 | noon, on the steps in front of Parks Library  

Singing in Steps 

Featuring the Cantamus, Lyrica, and Count Me In ensembles of the ISU Department of Music and Theatre 

Conducted by Dr. Jennifer Rodgers, Assistant Director of Choral Activities 

The pandemic has changed everything about how we sing together, how we hear and produce sound, how we navigate repertoire, and how we communicate it to our audiences. Three ISU choral ensembles will present a concert that includes layers of music-making and selections that work beyond the concert hall. Be a part of keeping live music alive. 

October 11 | noon, livestream on the Iowa State University Library YouTube channel

Featuring Student Curators: Kyra G. Streck, Ginger D. Stanciel and Joshua D. Simon

Facilitated by Rachel Seale, ISU Special Collections Outreach Archivist 

Find out about this online exhibit which confronts traditional museum practices.  By reinterpreting a selection of objects in the Iowa State Textiles and Clothing Museum with a social justice lens, including cultural appropriation, racial inequities, shifting masculinities, women and feminism, socio-economic carriers and environmental justice, stories arise that were previously left out of the mainstream narrative.   

To find out more about each performance, follow the University Library on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. To discuss creating a performance or discussion for spring semester, please contact Susan Gent, community engagement specialist at