Library's negotiation principles garners support from Graduate and Professional Student Senate and Student Government

At their meetings in January, ISU Graduate and Professional Student Senate and ISU Student Government  became the second and third ISU governing bodies to pass resolutions in support of the University Library's Principles for Advancing Openness through Journal Negotiations. ISU Faculty Senate unanimously passed a resolution in October 2019, sparking campus-wide interest and support.

According to James Klimavicz, GPSS vice president and Ph.D. student in toxicology and organic chemistry, “The University Library is an invaluable resource for all research that takes place at Iowa State University. To ensure that the Library can continue to provide its services to graduate and professional students and to Iowa State University, it is essential that we promote openness, transparency, and sustainability in the journal negotiation process. The Joint Resolution in support of the "Principles for Advancing Openness through Journal Negotiations" was brought before the GPSS because the graduate and professional student body has a vested interest in the continued success of the University Library. By passing this resolution, we show our support for the Library and its negotiation process while endorsing values that are important to research, education, and the greater Iowa State University community.”

According to Sandeep Stanley, student government senator and senior in aerospace engineering, "For years, journal publishers have grossly inflated the cost of their services and have used underhanded tricks to extort disproportionate rates from the University Library; with the recent worldwide victories for universities in journal negotiations, most notably the University of California's triumph, Student Government felt that the time was right to take a stronger stance in our dialogue with journal publishers. By affirming and endorsing the University Library's Principles for Advancing Openness through Journal Negotiations, Student Government expresses its support for the Library's joint goals of open access and proportional costs, which will enable the Library to provide more services for the student body."

The journal negotiation principles, adopted last summer, help the University Library advance openness and achieve financial sustainability and greater transparency. The principles and the support they have received will continue to provide useful guidance to the library in its current and future negotiations, helping to inform journal publishers about what is most important at ISU.

The resolution's three main points are:

  • Prioritize openness through open access sources
  • Reject nondisclosure language in agreements with publishers
  • Pursue financially sustainable journal agreements

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