Library supports open monograph publisher Luminos.

Mar 13, 2018 · Abbey Elder

Iowa State University has recently joined the Member Library Program for Luminos, an Open Access (OA) monograph publisher and part of the University of California Press. The digital editions of all of Luminos titles are Open Access and freely available online to anyone in the world. Physical editions of the titles are available at a small cost.

The University Library’s support goes toward a 10 percent discount on publishing fees for Iowa State authors who submit their monographs to Luminos. Furthermore, some of the University Library’s membership funds will support Luminos’ Author Waiver Fund, which waives publishing fees for eligible authors.

Luminos has published 45 OA monographs since its inception in 2015, with the same high standards for selection, peer review, production, and marketing as the traditional publishing branch of the University of California Press. The focus of its collections is on Social Sciences and Humanities research.

For information about how the University Library supports OA monograph publishing, contact Abbey Elder, Open Access & Scholarly Communication Librarian.