Library liaisons meetings

May 11, 2006

April 18th and 19th, the University Library Committee sponsored the second annual Library Liaisons Meetings. David L. Hopper, Professor of Veterinary Pathology, and Chair of the University Library Committee, and Olivia M. A. Madison, Dean of the Library, met with Library Liaisons and Subject Librarians to discuss issues important to university faculty and students. Following up the momentum started during the first Library Liaisons Meeting in December 2004, the meetings provided information on the library's acquisitions budget, prospects for a journal cancellation project, a student library fee proposal, and The Library at a Cross Roads presentation, as well as providing valuable opportunities for questions, suggestions, and feedback. As a result of last year's Library Liaisons Meeting, the Library developed a Faculty Liaisons and Subject Librarians webpage and instituted the Your Library - Newsletter as a means of keeping ISU faculty and staff informed. The University Library Committee, working with the Library's Administration and Faculty, has an important goal of improving communication with the University community.

A Library Liaison is a faculty member who is the front-line person in a department who works with the Subject Librarian in developing ISU Library collections, and communicates information about the ISU Library to colleagues while providing feedback to the Library. It has often been said that "at the heart of a great University is a great Library", and as the principal representative of academic units, Library Liaisons serve an absolutely vital role in making the University Library the best that it can be.