Five reasons to check out Kanopy: A streaming platform

Jul 01, 2020

Have you streamed your way through all the top-rated shows on Netflix and Hulu? Do you need a new way to divert your attention from your everyday routine? Enjoy the satisfaction that comes when you discover something different, convenient and free. Kanopy is those things, and it’s entertaining, educational and available. Plus, ISU now has access to all Kanopy content, which includes more than 30,000 titles.

Kanopy is a movie streaming platform that offers documentaries and films from the Media Education Foundation, among many other distributors. Education opportunities abound on the platform, too. Travel the world, improve your health, discover the arts, and you can watch wherever, whenever you like.

Kanopy is another level of entertainment. It is also a plentiful mix of videos that teach everyday health, literature, and history from various perspectives.

Take a few minutes and discover five reasons to login in to Kanopy; and find your next binge-worthy diversion for any size screen:

1.    It’s free entertainment
Get absorbed in a movie that will hold your attention and interest from beginning to end. Need an entertaining alternative? Occupy your mind with a free movie or documentary from Kanopy. It’s free, so you can sample and watch as many shows as you like. Nothing to checkout. Nothing to return. It’s ad free, too. Simply login with your ISU NetID.

2.    Make it educational
We’re all lifelong learners, right? The Great Courses are college-level courses and perfect for those of us interested in immersing ourselves in a topic. Learn all there is to know about anything that can be learned about whatever topic you choose. Interested in science and food? There’s a series called Food, Science and the Human Body. Got stress? Watch How to Make Stress Work For You. If math is your thing, learn algebra I in 36 episodes.

3.    Enjoy the wide selection
Kanopy is easy to navigate by subject: Independent cinema, science fiction, architecture, African, ESL and languages, chemistry, history, journalism and food technology. The list goes on. There are thousands of titles, and you’re sure to find binge-worthy programs for the summer. From global languages to the arts, business and health, topics run the gamut, so take a few minutes and see for yourself.

4.    New titles added every month
Whether you’re entertained by cinema or science and technology, dozens of new titles are added each month. The opportunities to learn something new are endless, so keep checking in with Kanopy and stay updated on the newest films and shows; or visit the Find Your Librarian page on the library website and ask your subject specialist for a new title suggestion.

5.    Stream anytime, anywhere
What is your preferred device? TV, computer, tablet or smartphone. The Kanopy app is available for many TV devices, including Apple, Amazon and Android. Or, go old school and connect with an HDMI cable. Kanopy’s broad reach is thanks to partnerships with libraries worldwide, and that includes your Iowa State University Library.

Added bonuses: Closed captions. English-language subtitles when the film was not recorded in English.

Note to off-campus users: If you see a login or registration window as you attempt to access Kanopy, click Skip at the bottom of the window. You need not register or set up an individual Kanopy account. Those affiliated with ISU with an ISUCard are able to gain access to the subscription provided by ISU.

Get started streaming a Kanopy title today.