Exhibit will commemorate the 100th anniversary of Jack Trice’s death

Jan 11, 2023 · Greg Bailey and Rebecca Wells

As we enter 2023, Iowa State University will feature a number of events that commemorate the life of Jack Trice, who died 100 years ago on October 8. Iowa State University Library Special Collections and University Archives (SCUA) will remember Trice with an exhibit about the student activism that led to naming the football stadium in his honor. From the early tributes of his teammates and the student body in the 1920s, to the work of students in the 1970s and 80s to have the newly erected stadium named for him, to the late 1990s when students succeeded in changing the name to Jack Trice Stadium, students have been at the forefront of memorializing Trice and immortalizing his ideals for the last century.

The exhibit will highlight the work of the Jack Trice Stadium Committee, Government of the Student Body, and other students in honoring Jack Trice and provide significant and enduring reminders of his life, sacrifice, and ideals.

The exhibition will open mid-February and be installed in the case on the first floor of Parks Library.

For information, contact Special Collections and University Archives.