Digital Scholarship & Initiatives news: Transcribe the Bomb

Apr 12, 2017 · Kimberly Anderson

The University Library launched a crowdsourcing project to transcribe 100 years of the Bomb, the campus yearbook. Although optical character recognition was used to attempt transcription of the yearbooks, the non-standard layouts and unusual fonts made the automated process not particularly successful. Through the help of volunteers, Transcribe the Bomb will make the yearbooks more searchable and easier to use with adaptive technology. Nearly 50,000 pages and 100 years of campus history await participants, who can choose to work on any volume(s). Contribute anonymously or set up an account. The first few days promoting the project resulted in over 60 new volunteers and nearly 1000 pages analyzed!

Yearbooks serve as excellent documentation of fashion, journalism, campus history and world events, cultural history, and humor. Please contact Digital Initiatives Archivist Kimberly Anderson to discuss or think about ways to use Transcribe the Bomb in classroom activities.

This project is managed by the Digital Initiatives Program within the Digital Scholarship and Initiatives Department. Questions about the project can be directed to