Development office news

Feb 09, 2006

Joyce Orland Fitting, the parent of an Iowa State senior, recently contributed more money than she pledged to the University Library. She noted that "my son has been attending classes at ISU for the past 3 ½ years in the College of Engineering with a U.S. Army ROTC Scholarship. He has appreciated greatly your assistance with the library materials, as well as the quiet and serious study atmosphere provided.... I wish I could provide more as our contribution. Please call again."

Mrs. Fitting was solicited through the ISU Foundation's annual fund calling program for the University Library. Annually, student callers contact parents of freshmen as well as the parents of students who have contributed in the past.

During fiscal 2005, 1,600 parents were contacted through the calling program. Contributions from parents to the University Library totaled $95,000. During fiscal 2004, parent donations resulted in over $100,000. Gifts are made to the Library Fund.

Most recently, contributions from the Library Fund assisted in renovating Room 031, a classroom in the Parks Library. The classroom is utilized for Library 160, a 7-week required course for each undergraduate student at Iowa State. Eleven sections of Library 160 are held each 7-week period. The classroom was reconfigured, re-carpeted, furnished with new seating, and given a technology upgrade.

Renovated classroom space