Credo Reference – Academic Core Collection now available

Dec 12, 2017 · Lorrie Pellack

Thanks to a partnership with several other Iowa libraries, ISU researchers now have access to the Academic Core Collection of Credo Reference, database that offers fact-based background information on any topic.

One of the most common concerns we hear from faculty is that students struggle to find credible sources when writing their research papers. Credo Reference is a starting point for beginning researchers. For those students only familiar with Google or other open Web sources, who are facing academic research for the first time, Credo is an ideal first step.

Pulling content from over 700 subject encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and fact books, Credo offers citable foundational information, complete with over 300,000 images and 1100 short informational videos. Any of the content can be used for research projects, or embedded directly into Canvas. Credo's brainstorming tool, the Mind Map, aids students embarking on an exploratory search by helping them break down large topics into smaller pieces and build a research vocabulary with confidence.

From Aristotle to climate change; from the civil rights movement to genetic engineering; from human anatomy to the birth of the Internet - Credo has the background information to get students started with confidence. Think of Credo as the academic alternative to Wikipedia. Credo gives basic information and then enables the researcher to easily jump out to find additional references/information in other ISU Library databases.

An easy way to help students get their research off on the right foot is to embed specific pieces of Credo content (or include a direct link to Credo homepage or any page within Credo) on course pages in Canvas. All Credo pages/articles have a permalink available at the top of the page.

To embed Credo content into Canvas:

1. Within Credo, find the article or video you wish to embed.

2. Click on the Embed icon at the top right of the article text (highlighted in orange in the figure below.)











3. Copy the full Embed Code











4. Paste the code into Canvas. (Make sure to use the HTML Editor or HTML View iption in the content editor.) 

We are able to answer any questions and help with set up. For questions related to using Credo, contact Lorrie Pellack or 294-5569.