Capacity alert shows seating availability in Parks Library

Nov 01, 2022

The seating capacity alert on the library website homepage gives users the ability to understand how busy Parks Library is before making their way to the building to study. Green means study spots are available, yellow indicates seating is likely, and red is a signal that seating unlikely

The capacity alert came to exist when library administration and staff were in search of a way to indicate to patrons how full the building is at any given time. This is important so visitors can make informed decisions about coming to the library during the pandemic and not take unnecessary risk. Library website development and IT staff accomplished this by using a service called, which tracks the flow of individuals in and out of the library. The tracking is all done by sensors, not cameras, so no faces are recorded, which is important for privacy. Anytime someone enters or leaves the library, the system sends the information to the library website, and the alert responds accordingly.

The alert will be important when the library is back to normal usage because patrons will be able to see how likely finding a study spot is and not have to waste time walking around hoping to find somewhere to sit.