2018-19 budget book is available.

Sep 11, 2018 · Lorrie Pellack

The ISU budget book for 2018-2019 is available in the Parks Library at the Research Help Desk (in the lobby near the book return). Actually called Budget for the Fiscal Year - Iowa State University of Science and Technology, this book shows individual salaries for ISU employees and provides information about individual college and department budgets for the current fiscal year. All information in this book is based on state appropriations, so if there is additional income from another source (such as grants) it is not reflected in the numbers provided.

ISU employee salary information is available online in the State Employee Salary Book, but it is updated each year toward the end of the fiscal year, so it is not as current as the ISU budget book. The database is searchable by state department/agency (such as Iowa State University, University of Iowa, or Transportation) and/or employee name. It is not possible to search for information about all employees in a specific university department; however, a feature of the online version will show the entire salary history for each employee (going back to 1992) and includes everyone paid with state monies, including student assistants.