Reserve Media Policy

Developed in consultation with University Legal Services.

The Library attempts to adhere to all federal copyright laws. The following policies are meant to aid all parties in conforming to fair use provisions of the copyright law.

  • Instructors may use a variety of formats for Reserve materials. These formats include media such as DVDs, videos, streaming videos, audio files, CDs, etc.  All media materials placed on Reserve will be at the initiative of the instructor, solely for non-commercial educational use by students. All hard copy media materials placed on Course Reserve are available for in-building use only.  
  • The ISU Library, through its Course Reserve service, may provide online access to audio materials via streaming technology. Please see Audio Streaming Policy for more information regarding this service.  
  • Materials supplied by the instructor for Reserve use must be produced legally. We reserve the right to refuse to make available duplicated materials in violation of U.S. copyright law. Examples of legally produced materials are:
    1. Commercial products (video, DVD, CD, etc) purchased by the instructor or department
    2. Videotaped lectures of the course instructor or student presentations (currently enrolled)
    3. Legally reproduced materials

Note that reformatting of materials, such as videos to digital streaming files, requires the acquisition of digital streaming rights.

  • Instructors should plan on 3-5 days of processing time before Library-owned material will be available to students.  Acquisition of streaming video rights typically takes longer.  Instructors should plan on several weeks of processing time for materials for which rights can be acquired, and note that not all DVDs or videos may be available with digital streaming rights.  
  • Material will be removed from Reserve at the close of each semester. If Reserve has not received a request for continued use, materials will be sent back to instructors and/or returned to the library collection.

For specific information on the submission process, please see Instructor forms & information, or contact Reserve Processing staff at 515 294-4958.