Course Reserves Help

For questions or concerns notify:

Reserve Processing
Parks Circulation Desk
Ames, IA 50011
Phone: (515) 294-4958
Fax: (515) 294-1812

General questions

How do I access the materials on reserve for my course?

Documents may be viewed from any workstation in the Library, or from any Internet capable machine anywhere in the world. Access to Reserve's material, however, is restricted to the current ISU community. Patrons must enter their Net-ID and passwrod ( the Net-ID is your Iowa State e-mail address without "") to access Reserve materials. Adobe Acrobat Reader software must be installed on the PC to view and print documents.

I try to link to my course list of documents, but I get a message stating I have accessed it incorrectly. What do I do?

Due to password protection, to access course lists or materials you must go through Reserve by way of Courses A-Z, Reserve home page, Courses A-Z by course, or Courses A-Z by instructor. Access to a course list or document by using the direct URL is not possible.

Instructor questions

How do I, as an instructor, submit Reserve materials?

The instructor submission information is explained in Instructor forms & information. This includes online forms, printable forms and instructor information for requesting material be placed on reserve.

Am I responsible, as an instructor, for obtaining copyright permission and who pays the royalty fees?

When using the Parks Library Reserve system, the Library will seek copyright permissions and pay reasonable fees. Should the fees for an article for one semester's use reach $100, we will contact the instructor to make them aware of the high permission fee. Discussions will follow on sharing the cost, using another article, etc.

I have created an Internet page for my class to use. Why don't I just use it instead of Reserve?

You can. Personal Internet pages offer the greatest amount of control over your class readings. Remember, however, you are responsible for correct use of copyrighted material.

What about course pack permissions? Who pays those?

Course packs are handled through the University Bookstore. They seek permissions, pay the royalty fees and then pass those costs on to the students. Students pay for the convenience of getting all their readings at one time, without having to photocopy each article. There is no cost or risk incurred by the instructor; however, this takes time so the Bookstore needs plenty of lead-time. Reserve will make legal copies of course packs available on reserve if requested.