Data Management

The University Library can help with data management!


Data Management Plan Guide

The University Library's Data Management Plan Guide is a complete resource on data management. It contains both introductory information and helpful resources for those already experienced with data management including resources for ISU researchers, a FAQs section, and links to federal guidelines.


The ISU Library is a supporter and subscriber to the DMPTool which managed by the California Digital Library. DMPTool contains sample data management plans, DMP templates and other useful information related to DMPs. A Net-Id and password is required to access DMPTool.


Librarians are available to offer advice and guidance on data management plans. If you would like to schedule a consultation or have general questions about data management please contact your librarian or Megan O'Donnell, data services librarian.

Workshops & Seminars

Workshops on data management are held periodically and are announced in newsletters and on various campus mailing lists. A list of the current and upcomming workshops is available on the Library Workshops page.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop please contact Megan O'Donnell, data services librarian..


If you have a question about the University Library's research data management services please contact Megan O'Donnell, Data Services Librarian.

Why is the library involved in data management?

Libraries have been storing and organizing “data” in the form of books and journals for centuries and are now involved in the management and preservation of digital assets as well. University librarians are part of the larger campus conversation around the storage and management of digital information including research data, dissertations and theses, digital images, and more.

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