Logging into Library Systems


The following library systems provide an option to sign in with either an Iowa State University NET-ID (OKTA) or an OpenAthens ID:

  • My Library Card (MyAccount)
  • Access to licensed materials (EZProxy)

Figure 1 shows the initial login screen, that provides options to login with an Iowa State University     Net-ID, or an OpenAthens account.

Figure 1.


Net-ID Login

All users with an Iowa State University (ISU) Net-ID will use the Net-ID choice to sign into the library system. In all cases, users with a valid Net-ID will use it to log into library systems.

Net-ID login notes:

  • Your Net-ID is the portion of your ISU email address that appears before the @ symbol, as in: yourNet-ID@iastate.edu
  • If the user has already signed into OKTA, they may be automatically be routed to the library system or resource they are attempting to access without being asked to log in again.


OpenAthens Login

Users that do not have a Net-ID but who have an ISU OpenAthens account will use the OpenAthens choice to sign into the library system. The OpenAthens userid will be the email address on file for the user at the library.

After clicking on the OpenAthens choice shown in Figure 1 the user will see the screen shown in Figure 2. They will again select the OpenAthens choice. They will then see the screen shown in Figure 3. They will enter their OpenAthens userid (email address) and password in the area highlighted by the red box.

Figure 2.


Figure 3.

OpenAthens login notes:

  • If you do not have a Net-ID and you do not know your OpenAthens account information, contact the ISU Library service desk at 515-294-3961.



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