Loan Periods

Loan periods vary based on material type, location, and borrower status, as summarized below. Some items in these collections may be designated as non-circulating.

Items that circulate on a 4-week or academic year basis ("extended loan") are subject to recall when needed by another user. The original borrower is guaranteed a minimum 2-week loan.

For more detailed information regarding loan periods and other circulation policies, consult the complete ISU Library Lending Policy.

Books and journals

General Collection books and government publications

ISU undergraduates, merit employees and Visitor Card holders: 4 weeks

Faculty, graduate students, undergraduate honors students, undergraduates in 500+ courses, and Professional and Scientific staff: due at end of current academic year

Periodicals, Unbound

1 day

Periodicals, Bound (Parks Library/branch libraries)

1 week

Periodicals, Bound (Storage Bldg)

4 weeks

Leisure Collection books

4 weeks

Reference Collection

Reference materials on Tier 2 circulate for a week and are non-renewable. Any reference materials in the Learning Connections Center do not circulate except with supervisory staff approval.

Books on reserve

3-hours, in-library use only

Special Collections

Non-circulating. Exceptions by supervisory staff only.

Media Collections

Videos (DVD & VIDE)

7 days

A/V media with Library of Congress call numbers, SuDoc call numbers, or call numbers beginning: CDRM, COMP, DISC, DVDRM, MUSC, SOUN

4 weeks/extended loan

Maps (if circulating) and map-related books

4 weeks

Microfiche (if circulating) and portable fiche readers

4 weeks

Microfilm & micro-opaque

 In-library use only

Games & slides

1 week

Media Reference

In-library use only

Media on reserve

3-hours, in-library use only