Book a Media Item for Classroom Use


Most videorecordings in the Library's collection (VHS, DVDs, etc.) are intended for individual (as opposed to group) use, in compliance with copyright law. The Library permits group use of videorecordings, either within or outside library facilities, only if the following requirements are met:

  • Instructors may use videorecordings in any ISU course for which students are required to register and pay fees. Student groups, clubs, organizations, and societies do not qualify as ISU courses.
  • An instructor or class member appointed by the instructor must use the videorecording for face-to-face teaching activities. Student led classes must be verified by the instructor.
  • All persons present at the performance must be currently enrolled in the course.
  • Items may be booked up to 4 months in the future.
  • The maximum allowed booking length is 7 days.

Media items currently on Reserve may not be booked by other instructors for classroom use. Please contact Main Desk staff for assistance.

Group playback of a copyrighted videorecording for non-course related use is not permitted, nor will the Library loan material for that purpose. Please see Audio-Visual policy for more information.


  • Requests should be made at least 3 days prior to the date needed for best service.
  • Use Quick Search to locate the desired item
  • Click on the Sign In link in the yellow bar (appearing above search results)
  • Select a Sign In option and enter the requested information
  • Click on the title of the item you wish to book
  • Click Request
  • Select the Booking radio button
  • Select your desired Pickup Location
    • Booked items may be picked up at the Parks Library Main Desk, or sent to the Design Reading Room or Veterinary Medicine Library.
    • Please allow transit time of 2-3 business days if picking up at Design or Vet Med.
  • Select your Start and End dates (bookings may be for up to 7 days)
  • In the Comments field, please add the course code, course number, and number of students (e.g. HIST 341 - 18)
  • Click Request to submit your booking.

 To verify your booking:

  • Close out of the item you just booked
  • Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click on the My Library Card option
  • Your booked item will appear under "Requests" on the overview page.

 Walk-in and phone requests are also available. Call or visit the Mainn Desk at 515-294-3961 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m., to schedule a video for classroom use.

How will I know when my booked item is ready for check-out?

  • You will be notified by email when your booked item is ready and available for check-out.  It may be as early as 7 days prior to the requested booking date.

When can I pick up my booked item?

  • Booked items can be picked up any time during the open hours of the desired pick-up location. You must present a valid ISU Library card to retrieve and check-out a booked item.

I need my booked item captioned, how do I let someone know?

Can I send someone else to pick up my booked item

  • Yes, as long as the person who is picking up the booked item has the valid ISU Library card of the person who made the booking.

When is my booked item due?   Will there be a fine if I return it later than the due date?

  • Booked items are due on the end date of the booking period.  For example, if you booked an item from September 3rd to September 5th, the item will be due back on September 5th. Fines accrue on all overdue items.  You may return items any time during the library's open hours. Any items not returned (or returned damaged from causes other than normal playback) will be assessed the replacement cost plus any billing fees.

Questions?  Contact the Main Desk at 515-294-3961 or at