Librarian Governance Documents

Librarians in the Iowa State University Library hold either faculty rank or academic librarian rank. Faculty librarians go through the university’s promotion and tenure process. Academic librarians have a separate evaluation process for advancement. Governance documents for both types of appointments appear here. New librarians are being hired as academic rank librarians.

Library Mission Statement:

Iowa State University Library aspires to be the first place that people in the ISU community think of when they need information. We are creative partners in learning and teaching, research, and outreach. We select, organize, present, preserve, and promote information resources for present and future scholarly communities. We are active stewards of our rich collections of knowledge, and we provide innovative services in ways that anticipate needs and respect the diversity of community and ideas.

Library Governance:

The academic life of faculty librarians is governed by the ISU Faculty Handbook with regard to evaluation and promotion. Committees related to promotion and tenure and post-tenure reviews are organized through the Library Dean’s Office. Other areas of librarian governance are governed by the Librarian Assembly whose constitution and bylaws are included below.

Current Faculty Governance Documents:


Superseded Faculty Governance Documents:


Current Academic Librarian Documents:


Library Organizational Structure