Displays, Exhibits, Tables

University Library Policy and request form for use of resources (books, media, tables, computer screens)

Contact Kelly Moore with questions, or complete the request form(By submitting the form, requestor acknowledges having read this policy.)

  1. The Iowa State University Library has limited space for display of resources to highlight materials, services, or collections for members of the ISU community. Tables will be located in the lobby of Parks Library. The location for library displays is in a high-traffic area, and library staff is unable to monitor to ensure that materials stay in place. This policy follows the guidelines of the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.
  2. Student organization requests for tables must originate with the Student Activities Center at the Memorial Union. Upon approval, the Library may provide a table and two chairs to recognized student groups, organizations and campus departments. Tables can be set up for a period of one calendar week unless otherwise approved.
  3. There are approximately 300 public computers in the University Library and use of the home screens on these computers is an effective means to broadcast event information to a large audience. The requests and artwork file must be submitted with original request at least one month in advance and adhere to these size constraints: bitmap (.BMP) file and the size should be 1680 px by 1050 px. Screens can be utilized for one calendar week. Approval is made on a first come, first served basis. 
  4. Parks Library as a polling place. See below: Guidelines Item 1. Note. 2.

Note: Requests from Library staff for book displays and/or the public computer home screens take precedence and supersede all others. Permission granted may be rescinded without notice.

Exhibits created or curated by the Special Collections Department are exempt from this policy.


  1. Requests must come from members of the ISU community (i.e. SG/GSS and recognized student groups, university departments or organizations, library units) and display library materials.  Note 1: Artwork displayed on the public computer home screens must have prior approval. See item 3 above. Note 2: Requests for polling to take place in Parks Library will be considered only for the Student Government of Iowa State University and those elections managed by the Auditor of Story County, Iowa.
  2. Request for space must be made a minimum of one month in advance by completing a request form available online. See link above. Requests submitted without one-month lead-time are approved on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Books and media items may be displayed for the maximum of one month. Public computer home screens can be utilized for one calendar week.
  4. The library has three (3) mobile book displays. Each unit comes with 24-30 wire book stands in a clear tote. Thirty is the maximum number of items (books/media materials) that can be displayed, which includes a max of 10 CDs or DVDs. Please note that only empty media storage cases will be displayed. It is the borrower's responsibility to return all items (book stands collapsed so they fit in the tote) in good condition at the end of the checkout period.
  5. Materials on display are still available for checkout during the display period.
  6. The ISU library does not endorse the viewpoints, which may be the subject of the display.
  7. Library displays may not be used, directly or indirectly, to promote a commercial product or service; to support or oppose any religious belief or religion, political candidate or viewpoint; or that is defamatory or incites violence. Regarding Story County special or general elections, see Iowa Code for information about what activities may constitute election misconduct.
  8. The Library reserves the right to deny any display request or rescind without notice permission previously granted.


  1. Group must provide a 17 X 11-inch sign for the display and library will provide a sign holder. This is the only signage allowed for the display in the library. Note: Groups who seek use of public computer home screens must provide an artwork file in a bitmap (.BMP) of 1680 by 1050 pixels.
  2. Display signage in the sign holder a top the mobile unit and not on the walls or woodwork.

Requesting group must remove the display items that belong to them. After 5 days of the ending date, library staff will remove library property and discard non-library materials.

Email Kelly Moore or call 294-5654 with questions about this program or policy.