Pipe Dreams Banner

Long pieced fabric banner hung in atrium of Parks, reds at top and bottom, blues in middle

This 18 x 4 foot banner hanging in the atrium of Parks Library was created in 1984 by Judith Ann Larzelere of Newbury, Massachusetts. It consists of brightly colored silk panels sewn together, machine stitched and hand quilted, to create an abstract design reminiscent of organ pipes. The banner was originally displayed as part of "A Banner Year," an exhibition juried by Norman Laliberté in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Iowa State's College of Design. The exhibition, featuring thirty-four banners, hung in the atriums of the College of Design and Parks Library from March 19 to July 31, 1984, and symbolized the spirit of continued aesthetic and program development in both venues. Several banners, including Pipe Dreams were acquired by the University Museums at the close of the exhibit for the Art on Campus collection.

"Generally, a banner bears a strong, simple, graphic statement: to commemorate, celebrate, communicate. Its visual message is told in bold color, shape and symbol. A banner changes its environment and responds to light, air currents and movement."--A Year of Banners exhibit catalog.