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Library staff directory



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Abell, Richard Business Services
Alexander, M. Social Sciences & Humanities
Alger, Jeff Social Sciences & Humanities
Anderson, Kimberly Special Collections
Anderson, Linda e-Library
Arcand, Janet Acquisitions


Balmer, Jerry Information Technology
Bishop, Amy Special Collections
Bobb, Michael Science & Technology
Bock, Andrew Acquisitions
Bonello, Stacey Metadata & Cataloging
Bousson, Lori Preservation
Brown, Angela Access Services


Carlile, Cheryl Business Services
Casey, Deborah Acquisitions
Collections & Government Documents
Coffey, Daniel Social Sciences & Humanities


Davis, Greg Information Technology
Deike, Hilary Human Resources
Dowell, Norma Science & Technology


Eddy, Jacob Access Services
Ertz, Paul Information Technology
Erwin, Carolyn Acquisitions


Finestead, Thomas Business Services
Forbis, Mark Acquisitions


Garnett, Joyce Administration
Garrison, Jesse Science & Technology
Gawley, Kim Metadata & Cataloging
Gerdes, Judy Metadata & Cataloging
Gilbert, Lisa Access Services
Gillen, Monica Administration
Goedeken, Edward Collections & Government Documents
Goodmanson, Kimberly Information Technology
Greve, Lana Science & Technology
Gutierrez, Carlota Social Sciences & Humanities


Hagaman, Kathleen Acquisitions
Hall, Jeff Metadata & Cataloging
Hawkins, Shelley Business Services
Hilleman, Jodi Administration
Hubby, Vicki Acquisitions
Hyland-Carver, Maureen Information Technology


Inefuku, Harrison Digital Repository


Jackson, Rebecca Social Sciences & Humanities
Jones, Susan Instruction
Jordan, Becky Special Collections


Kalvik, Jody Instruction
Kappmeyer, Lori Metadata & Cataloging
Kent, Kathleen Metadata & Cataloging
Kester, Deborah Instruction
King, Christine Administration
Kluck, Lenard Metadata & Cataloging
Knippel, Susan Digital Repository
Kuennen, Bradley Special Collections
Kushkowski, Jeffrey Social Sciences & Humanities


Lande, Jayne Human Resources
Lawson, Karen Access Services
Lee, Dorene Acquisitions
Leininger, Michael Access Services
Lewin, Heather Science & Technology
Leysen, Joan Metadata & Cataloging


Madison, Olivia Administration
Malmquist, Deidre Acquisitions
Marron, D. Access Services
Marupova, Rano Instruction
Matava, Tobie Social Sciences & Humanities
McCoy, Mindy Preservation
McLatchie, Jason Information Technology
Metzger, Mary Business Services
Mick, Dawn Acquisitions
Mitchell, Hope Digital Repository
Moeller, Melinda Preservation
Molls, Emma Social Sciences & Humanities
Moore, Debra Social Sciences & Humanities
Moore, Kelly Science & Technology
Social Sciences & Humanities


O'Donnell, Megan Science & Technology
Olthoff, Whitney Special Collections
Osness, Nick Business Services


Panages, Timothy Access Services
Parsons, Eric Information Technology
Parsons, K. Administration
Pellack, Lorrie Science & Technology
Peterson, Sandra Business Services
Pfab, Kasey Access Services
Prange, Charla Acquisitions


Rappenwolf, Susan Digital Repository
Reighard, Angela Instruction
Runestad, Anders Acquisitions


Sayre, Stephanie Business Services
Schaaf, Kristi Science & Technology
Scherbart, Stephani Acquisitions
Schmidt, Suzette Preservation
Schmitz, Alan Information Technology
Schuler, Matthew Special Collections
Seo, Hilary Preservation
Special Collections
Shea, Daniel Access Services
Shuman, Steve Acquisitions
Smith, Lorrie Digital Repository
Snook, Linda Acquisitions
Stacy-Bates, Kristine Science & Technology
Staedtler, Danny Information Technology
Sturm, Jonathan Administration
Sullivan, Laura Special Collections
Sweet, Christopher Information Technology


Thompson, Kelly Metadata & Cataloging
Thorson, Kathryn Acquisitions


Vasquez, Jill Instruction
Vega-Garcia, Susan Instruction
Venema, Barbara Business Services
Vo, Yen Business Services
Vogelzang, Jane Metadata & Cataloging


Wahl, Cynthia Preservation
Watson, Becky Access Services
Wilcox, James Preservation
Woolley, Vicki Access Services


Yungclas, William Preservation

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