Assistive Technology

Multimedia computer workstations for disabled

188A Parks Library in the Learning Connections Center (Floor 1) has a workstation with:

  • Windows 7
  • Internet access
  • Kurzweil software (both read only and full version)
  • Large print and speech output
  • DECtalk PC speech synthesizer with 9 voices, speaking 75-650 words per minute
  • Cicero text reader and scanner creating a reading system

There are another 8 workstations with read only versions of Kurzweil software in the Media Center, 2 Parks Library (lower level).

Also, located on Floor 2 and 3 are 14 additional workstation with read only versions of Kurzweil software.

Magnifying equipment

  • Hand-held magnifiers are available in Stacks Management (first floor of Parks Library, phone 515 294-0444.)
  • CCTV enlarger: magnifies print up to 2 inches. Choice of black or white background. Permits reading of curved surfaces. Available in 188A Parks Library, Learning Connections Center (first floor of Parks Library)