Other Arts Follow Engineering Panel

Engineering panel - ceramics (top) and chemistry experiment on left, airplane engine (top) and bridge planning on right, dynamo in middle

In the engineering panels on the east wall of the Other Arts Follow mural, a dynamo dominates the center panel with a chemical experiment in progress to the left and bridge planning to the right. To ensure accuracy, Wood had the faculty authenticate the chemical experiment shown in progress in the Chemical Engineering panel. For the Civil Engineering panel, the books with their Dewey Decimal call numbers were checked against actual books in the library's collection at the time, and the blueprint of the bridge was copied from an actual plan.

All fourteen names of the participating artists are listed on the Webster quotation panel: Bertrand Adams, Lee Allen, John Bloom, Dan Finch, Elwyn Giles, Gregory Hull, Harry Jones, Lowell Houser, Howard Johnson, Arthur Munch, Francis McCray, Arnold Pyle, Thomas Savage, and Jack Van Dyke. Each artist sketched or painted on the mural panels as a whole, and in addition exercised his specialty. For example, Bertrand Adams did the fine detail such as the surveyor's transit, bridge blueprint, hayfork and lettering. That these student artists were willing "to subordinate personal mannerisms to make a harmonious whole," is obvious from looking at the final creation. Their dedication to the project was exhibited when they volunteered to continue without pay when federal funding was temporarily threatened.