Other Arts Follow Agriculture Panel

Agricultural Panel - loading hay into haymow, vaccinating hogs, draft horses

The eight panels of Grant Wood's Other Arts Follow mural reflect the divisions of Iowa State College at the time: Veterinary Medicine, Farm Crops, Animal Husbandry, Home Economics, Ceramics and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautical and Civil Engineering. The agriculture panels on the west side of the stairwell were the first ones completed, and were displayed in Washington, D.C. before coming to Ames. A haywagon and barn unify the murals with carefully balanced groupings of men and animals engaged in inter-related activities in upper and lower sections of each panel. Horses have just been unhitched from the wagon, hogs are being vaccinated, and hay is being put in the haymow. The scene is spotlessly clean, not a straw of hay is out of place, and not a wrinkle is to be seen in the men's overalls. Decorative touches may be seen in the nails in the barn and hayrack, and stitching and buttons of the overalls.

Known models for some of the figures in the murals include: Bertrand Adams, project artist, for the veterinarian vaccinating the hog, and Lowell Houser, project artist, for one of the men in the haymow. Houser later taught free-hand drawing at Iowa State and painted the corn mural in the Ames Post Office.