Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee

Purpose & Charge

The University Library's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee reports to and works with the Assistant Dean for Inclusion and Equity to develop and promote a diverse work force at the Library, foster DEI in Library policies, practices, programming, and services, and partner with campus groups to promote, support, sponsor and celebrate DEI at Iowa State University.  A central mission of the Committee is to educate and support Library staff and campus partners in understanding that DEI work is everyone’s responsibility in creating a welcoming and supportive community.  The Committee acknowledges that DEI work can at times be uncomfortable, and trusts that all members are here to learn, and commits to help one another and our colleagues in that learning process.  The creation and maintenance of a safe space for a diverse and multicultural community of respectful persons is essential to the educational mission of this library and university. 


  1. Develop and participate in programs, exhibits, and creation of materials that inform and engage library staff as well as ISU community in deepening their understanding of DEI issues, and provide staff with cultural competency development opportunities 

  2. Assist with assessing Library policies and practices through a DEI lens to identify systems and structures that may impede DEI efforts, and to identify potential DEI needs and projects 

  3. Members will provide leadership through sharing information on DEI committee initiatives and programs with staff in their home departments and divisions 

  4. Collaborate and network with relevant campus units, such as the Division of Diversity and Inclusion, Multicultural Student Affairs, the Equal Opportunity office, and others 

  5. Help create an inclusive and equitable work environment in which all personnel are able to develop to their full potential 

  6. Address proactively the fair and equal treatment of Library personnel by monitoring compliance with federal, state, and University guidelines 


Updated June 20, 2018


    • Susan Vega García (Chair, May 2018- ; Accessibility Coordinator)
    • Jason Carpenter (2016-19)
    • Hilary Deike (ex officio, Human Resources)
    • Jasmine Kirby (2018-2020)
    • Jason McLatchie (2018-2020)
    • Hilary Seo (ex officio, Equity Adviser)
    • Laura Sullivan (2018-2020)
    • Wesley Teal (2018-2020)
    • Erin Thomas (2016-19)
    • Charles Yier (2018-2020)

    Past Members