Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Services Simplified

This article expired 12-Dec-2012 -- it may contain outdated or superceded information
12-Dec-2012 Newsletter article

The Resource Sharing unit in the ISU Library offers two basic services:

Interlibrary loan (ILL) service - obtaining copies or loans of materials from other libraries

Document Delivery (DDS) service - providing copies or loans of print materials from the ISU collections

In August 2012 the Library introduced new interlibrary loan software, called ILLiad, to the ISU community. To date all interlibrary loan services have been incorporated into this product. In January 2013 document delivery services will be incorporated into ILLiad. This means the locally designed document delivery web form will go away and a single form will be used to place requests for materials from other libraries, as well as for materials available in a print format in the ISU Library.

When the document delivery service was first set up in 1993, fees were charged for all requests. In the last few years, however, the Library has been providing a limited number of scanned documents from the print collection to all users at no charge. This is called the "document delivery subsidy". In 2012 the DDS subsidy was set at 5 documents per person. In 2013 the ISU Library will be doubling the subsidy to 10 documents per person. After the subsidy is reached, users will be informed the material in available in the ISU Library in a print format and will have the option of retrieving the material themselves (free self-serve scanning is available in Parks Library, the Design Reading Room and the Veterinary Medical Library), or sharing the cost of the providing the service with Library by paying a $5.00 base fee per document. No one will be billed for DDS service unless specifically approved by the user.

With a unified requesting interface and a doubling the number of free scanned documents for all ISU users, the Library is takings steps to make ILL/DD services more convenient and library collections more accessible.

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