Pilot expanded recycling program in library

This article expired 01-Feb-2014 -- it may contain outdated or superceded information

The library will be participating in a pilot expanded recycling program during December and January.  We currently participate in recycling newspapers and this new program will expand the recyclable items to include empty glass, tin or aluminum, and plastic containers. 

This pilot is being handled by student volunteers interested in the Live Green! Program at ISU with cooperation from FP&M, Sustainability Office, and Stacks Management.  Recycling containers will be placed near 4 out of the 5 newspaper recycling containers (4th floor, 3rd floor, 2nd floor, and 1st floor near the Fireplace Reading Room). The student volunteers will periodically empty these in-house containers and take the recyclables to several external larger recycling bins located near the Hub/Morrill Hall loading docks.

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