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11-Sep-2013 Newsletter article

Did you know that ISU faculty members, professional/scientific staff members, visiting scholars, and graduate students can reserve research study rooms for research and other scholarly activities that require extensive use of library materials?


Applications are picked up from the Stacks Management staff in Room 103, Parks Library, phone 515 294-0444 (8 am-5 pm, Monday-Friday) or 515 294-4716 (5 pm-close, Sunday-Thursday), email

There is usually a waiting list for these rooms. Applications should be made in advance if possible. Generally, desks in these rooms are shared because of the high level of demand.

Research study rooms are normally assigned for periods not to exceed one year. Renewal requests are considered on the basis of availability and need.


Occupants must be actively engaged in projects that require concentrated use of Parks Library's materials. These rooms are not intended for general office purposes and are to be used only by those individuals assigned to them. The Library reserves the right to reassign study rooms that are not being used regularly.

Library materials should first be checked out at the Circulation Desk. Library materials not checked out must be returned daily for re-shelving. Library staff perform periodic checks of all assigned studies to ensure library materials are properly checked out.

Essential furniture is provided for each study, and additional furniture may not be added without authorization. The Library is not responsible for personal property left in these rooms. All Library rules and regulations apply to these rooms. No smoking, use of tobacco products, or consumption of food is allowed, although beverages are permitted in covered, spill-proof containers.

At the end of the assigned period, the key or keys issued for each study room must be returned promptly to Stacks Management staff, 103 Library, or the user will be billed.

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