Update: Asbestos abatement in Parks Library

This article expired 25-Nov-2012 -- it may contain outdated or superceded information

In August 2012, the ISU Library began a project to abate vinyl floor tile containing asbestos throughout much of the 3rd floor of Parks Library. As abatement is completed, new carpet will be installed. The area in question includes bookstacks housing collections in the social sciences, education, and psychology (Library of Congress call numbers H-HX, L-LD, and BF respectively) as well as study spaces and a number of research study rooms. This project will be conducted in several stages, and is expected to be completed by the end of December.

The abatement process will be overseen by ISU's Office of Environmental Health and Safety, and there will be no danger of exposure to library staff or patrons--though there will be some odors associated with the project. As each area is abated, a full containment field with ventilation will be created, and only authorized and trained personnel will be allowed to enter the space. As required by law, each containment area will be clearly marked.

This project will include removing floor tiles and adhesive from under bookstacks. As a result, all shelving units will be temporarily removed and restored in stages. Once the moving of shelving has begun (September 10), some items in the collection will be unavailable for periods of roughly 2-3 weeks. Patrons needing items in this category will be referred to Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Given the phased approach to abatement, some 85% of the collections on 3rd floor will be available at any given time, though some will need to be accessed from the south side of the building, and others from the north.

To provide updated information on this project, library staff will maintain two bulletin boards, one in the Parks Library lobby area (on 1st floor), and one on 3rd floor near the central stairwell. Each bulletin board will provide basic information on the overall project and a list of call numbers that must be requested via ILL.

For questions regarding this project, including accessibility and retrieval issues, please contact Kathy A. Parsons (; 294-9630) or Evan M. Anderson (; 294-0444).

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