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Three Monkeys


An Online Center for the Study of Japanese American Concentration Camp Art conceives of art broadly to include all cultural expressions that result in a material object. Encompassing both primary and secondary sources, this site includes information on classical art forms, as well as what many people would define as crafts or hobbies. Examples of art include jewelry made with shells, hats woven from unraveled potato sacks, wood block prints, gardens, paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, pottery, spinning, weaving, embroidery, woodcarving, artificial flowers, crocheting, pebble and stone art, model airplanes, cartoons, dolls, landscaping, murals, poster art, ikebana, getas, and furniture.

"The Art" category encompasses all information contained in this site and allows you to search by art form, artist name, archival collection where the source can be located, materials used to create objects, and assembly center, concentration camp, or Justice Department facility where the art was created.

"Published Sources" contains a portion of the information included on this site, but allows users to sift through specific monographs, diaries, magazine articles, or scholarly essays.

Camp newspapers and War Relocation Authority photographs are included in "The Art" section, but can also be located in separate listings by using the navigation bar.

This site is an ongoing project with sources added regularly. Permission to use or reproduce any of the images or documents included in this site must be obtained from Jane Dusselier (janed@iastate.edu) or Tobie Matava (tmatava@iastate.edu) and specific archives where art is located. All images on this site are copyright protected.
Winter Camp Scene

WRA #E-832


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