Metadata & Cataloging

Department Head: Lori Osmus Kappmeyer, Associate Professor, 515 294-4281,
Staff: 2 faculty, 3 academic librarians, 1 P & S, 6 FTE merit
Physical Location: 204 Parks Library
Units: Serials and Media Cataloging; Metadata and Monographs Original Cataloging; Monographs Copy Cataloging

Serials and Media Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Christopher Dieckman, Librarian I, 515 294-9632,, Metadata & Cataloging Librarian (Serials/Media)

Responsibilities: Catalogs and recatalogs serial titles, including added copies, added volumes, transfers, withdrawals, and retention changes; catalogs media materials; catalogs monographic analytics of serial issues, and monograph analyzed sets; catalogs monographs in assigned areas; searches new titles for OCLC copy; edits records for OCLC and the local online catalog; performs authority work related to items cataloged; makes circulation decisions for newly cataloged serials;  assists with metadata projects.

Metadata and Monographs Original Cataloging Unit

  • Jacob Shelby, Librarian I, 515 294-3456,
    • Metadata & Cataloging Librarian (Metadata)
    • Monographs Humanities Cataloger
  • Joan Leysen, Associate Professor, 515 294-0428,
    • Monographs Social Sciences Cataloger
    • Electronic Resources Cataloging Coordinator
  • Kelly Thompson, Librarian I, 515 294-5781,
    • Monographs Science and Technology Cataloger
    • Metadata Management Librarian

Responsibilities: Catalogs monographs originally or with OCLC copy lacking acceptable Library of Congress call number and/or subject headings; catalogs archival collections; provides metadata for digital objects; performs authority work related to items cataloged.

Monographs Copy Cataloging Unit

Unit Head: Kim Gawley, Library Associate I (P&S), 515 294-0427,

Responsibilities: Final pre-order bibliographic searching of selected firm order requests; also, necessary pre-cataloging searching for automatic receipts, e.g., approvals, gifts. Searching OCLC Online Union Catalog for appropriate cataloging records for all monographs (firm orders and automatic receipts). Cataloging monographs with Library of Congress records and most items with OCLC member-library records, primarily those with LC classification numbers; also, creation/updating of in-process records for items not cataloged at receipt. Some monographs cataloging maintenance, including correction of errors and holdings changes resulting from additional copies, transfers between Library locations and withdrawals. Verifies headings new to the local online catalog; determines appropriate references; changes incorrect/obsolete headings; creates authority records.

This department is part of the ISU Library's Collections & Technical Services Division.

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