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The ISU Library has participated in the U.S. Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) since 1907, receiving government publications in a variety of formats (paper, microfiche, CD, DVD and online) on a wide variety of topics.

Getting started

You can use Quick Search to locate federal government documents published since 1994, along with many older documents. Quick Search will retrieve and display government documents along with books, journals, and other information resources.

The full-text of many government documents is available online. If an online version is available, Quick Search will provide an "Online resource" link.

If a government document is also (or only) available in "hard copy," such as print, microform, CD, or DVD, the records in Quick Search will provide a library location and call number. In the ISU Library, some government documents have Library of Congress call numbers, and are shelved by subject, along with books, journals, or other media (based on format). Other government documents have special "SuDoc" (Superintendent of Documents) call numbers, and are shelved in special locations such as the "Federal Government Publications" collection on Tier 2, or in the Media Center--again, based on format.

Additional online resources

Article Indexes & Databases produces a complete A-Z list of databases available in the ISU Library. Use the subject category drop-down to select "Government Publications." This will limit the list of databases accordingly. Select and search any database by clicking on the database name. If there is descriptive information regarding the database, it can be accessed via an information icon.

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