Library use of student computer fees

One of the key goals of the University Library Strategic Plan: 2011-2016 is to ensure that all ISU students can "successfully connect with information, resources and services they need through intuitive, mobile, technologically rich discovery and learning tools."   A related goal is for all students to enjoy "productive gatherings or solitary work in a technologically advanced, safe and trusted library environment."

In support of these goals, the Library makes a sizeable and ongoing investment in IT infrastructure and services that directly benefit the ISU student body. This includes hardware and software in a wide variety of locations in the physical library system (Parks Library, the Veterinary Medical Library, and the Design Reading Room), as well as the infrastructure for the web-based Library. Support personnel also play a key role in ensuring that students make effective and efficient use of the Library's growing array of computer-based systems, services, and information resources.

Across all these areas, the Library makes use of Computation Advisory Committee (CAC) Central Pool allocations, and seeks to ensure that students benefit optimally from this particular use of their computer fees. Detailed description and accounting of the Library's expenditure of CAC allocations is available in annual reports which are available on the Computation Advisory Committee website.

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