How do I download a file onto a disk?

To download a PDF document to a disk: click on the disk button or File > Save As. Specify the 'Save in' drive, the File Name, and the 'Save as Type'. Click the Save button. To read it later, open in Acrobat Reader

How do I print an electronic file?

Click the Printer button, or choose File > Print. Specify the printer, page range, number of copies, and other options, and click OK.

To print a PDF document: Use File > Page Setup to set general printing options. The available options will vary with different printers and drivers. See your printer driver documentation for details.

Suggestion: The minimum and maximum zoom levels available depend on the current page size. In the lower left corner, you will see a percentage. This tells you if the page is at 100%, 170%, etc. Clicking on the down arrow next to the percentage allows you to change the size of the loaded page. Increase for ease of reading, decrease for ease of printing. Clicking the buttons on the tool bar that look like a page with a corner turned down, resizes the page as well. (Most documents print better when the percentage is set at 100%.)

How do I print documents from reserve hyperlinks other than PDF files?

Reserve and Media Services often links to commercial, full-text indexes for some Reserve articles for patron ease of use and because copyright permission fees have already been paid. Each index has printing and downloading pluses and minuses. Some examples follow.

Expanded Academic ASAP has printing, downloading and emailing options at the end of each article. Please scroll to the very end to view all of your options.

JSTOR printing: Choose/click on "print" from the JSTOR navigation bar at the top. (Choosing print from the browser only allows 1 page printing.) JSTOR brings up a page of printing options. All library workstations have Adobe Acrobat Reader loaded so there is no need to download this product.

I am having one or more of the following problems with the PDF file I am trying to use. How can I solve the problem?

My document is blank on the screen.

If pages of your PDF document appear blank when viewed in a Internet browser, you may be using an early version of an Internet browser. 
Upgrade, or try saving the PDF file locally, and viewing it using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

My copies are printing in mirror image. (backwards)

Choose File > Print. Specify the printer, page range, number of copies, "print as image" and click OK

Some of my pages print fine and some are blank.

In the lower left corner, you will see a percentage. This tells you if the page is at 100%, 170%, etc. Choose 100% and then print.

Some pages are printing as portrait, others as landscape.

Printers and drivers have their own settings and some are set so that the printer chooses which is the best way to print the document.
See your printer driver documentation for details.

I press the print button but nothing is happening.

File size helps determine quality, downloading, and printing time of the finished product.
Check the number of "KB" for that document.
Large files may take several minutes for the information to be transferred to the printer and then print out.

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