Albert B. Storms

(1862-1933; president 1903-10)
Portrait painted in 1937 by artist Othmar J. Hoffler

President Albert B. Storms

A Michigan farm boy and University of Michigan graduate, Storms had served pastorates in Detroit, Mich., and Madison, Wis., and was pastor of the First Methodist Church of Des Moines when he was appointed president of Iowa State in 1903. He took a liberal view of Land Grant education, and proved admirably suited to the task of continuing the advancement of the College along the lines laid down by President Beardshear. His administration witnessed a strengthening of the College's divisional structure, establishment of the Agricultural Extension Service, development of a plan for campus landscaping, modernization of the physical plant, a lifting of the ban Beardshear had imposed on fraternities, a general liberalization of policy in student affairs, organization of the Missouri Valley Athletic Association, and the founding of the Iowa State Alumni Association.

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