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Hours: Today, Parks Library 12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Call numbers in Parks Library

Call no. Location Subject
A-AZ Lower Level General Works
B-BD,BH-BX Lower Level Philosophy, Religion
BF Floor 3 Psychology
C-CT Floor 2 History, General
D-DX Floor 2 History, World
E Floor 2 History, American
F Floor 2 History, American
Fed Gov Pubs Tier 2 Federal Government Publications
G-GV Floor 2 Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
H-HX Floor 3 Business, Social Sciences
ISU (theses) Tier 2 ISU Theses
J-JZ Tier 1 Political Science
K-KZ Tier 2 Law
L-LT Floor 3 Education
M-MT Lower Level Music
N-NX Lower Level Fine Arts
P-PF Lower Level Language and Literature
PG-PR Floor 4 Language and Literature
PS-PZ Lower Level Fiction and Children's Literature
Q-QB Tier 4 Science, General; Mathematics
QC-QE Floor 2 Science, Physical
QH Tier 3 Biology
QK Floor 2 Botany
QL Tier 3 Zoology
QM-QR Tier 5 Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology
R-RZ Tier 5 Medicine
Ref A-Z Tier 2 Reference Collection A-Z
S-SB Tier 1 Agriculture and Plant Culture
SD-SK Floor 2 Forestry, Animal and Aquaculture
T-TJ Tier 6 Technology and Engineering
TK-TP Tier 7 Engineering
TR Tier 7 Photography
TS Tier 7 Manufactures
TT-TX Tier 7 Handcrafts and Home Economics
U-UH Tier 3 Military Science
V-VM Tier 3 Naval Science
Z-ZA Tier 3 Bibliography and Library Science

Government publications with Superintendent of Documents (or "SuDoc") call numbers, such as EP 1.21:W 29/3, are shelved in a separate area of Tier 2.

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