Services & equipment available

Disability-related assistance

Staff in Stacks Management Unit (515 294-0444) can assist you in general library use.

Full-time staff are available Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. For evenings and weekends, limited services are available. Please contact us before your evening or weekend visit for more assistance. Contact information:

  • Jake Eddy (515 294-0444)
  • Scott Marron (515 294-0445)
  • Vicki Woolley (515 294-0445 pm)
  • Night Building Staff (515 294-4716); available Sunday-Thursday, 5:00 pm-close, when classes are in session.
  • Kathy A. Parsons (515 294-9630)

Specific services include:

Book retrieval service

Book retrieval service is available during library open hours

Note: Every effort will be made to quickly retrieve material. However, immediate retrieval cannot be guaranteed.

Quick Search

Stacks Management staff (515 294-0444) can assist you with using Quick Search (Quick Search replaces the library catalog.)


You may ask for help using the copy machines at either the Circulation Desk or from Stacks Management.

Advanced arrangements are strongly recommended for evening/weekend assistance or if the photocopying request is unusually large. Please call Stacks Management at 515 294-0444.

Assistive technology equipment in Parks Library

Hand-held magnifiers

Hand-held magnifiers are available in Stacks Management, Floor 1 of Parks Library, behind and west of the Circulation Desk

CCTV enlarger

CCTV enlarger magnifies print up to 2 inches. Choice of black or white background. Permits reading of curved surfaces.

Located in 188A Parks, Learning Connection Center, Floor 1.

Multimedia computer workstations for the disabled

Located in 188A Parks, Learning Connection Center, Floor 1:

  • Windows XP
  • Internet access
  • Kurzweil software (both read only and full version)
  • Large print and speech output
  • DECtalk PC speech synthesizer with 9 voices, speaking 75-650 words per minute
  • Cicero text reader and scanner creating a reading system
  • Inkjet printer.

Located in Media Center, 2 Parks, Lower Level:

  • 8 multimedia computer workstations with read only versions of Kurzweil software.

Located on Floor 2 and Floor 3:

  • 14 multimedia computer workstations with read only versions of Kurzweil software.
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