The ISU Library has a large collection of audio visual (A/V) material, including audiobooks; educational and feature films; television series; music; and software. Most A/V items are housed in the Parks Library Media Center, though some are found in the branch libraries.

A/V items can be located with Quick Search. Add specific keywords (as shown in the sample searches below) to limit your search to the following formats.


  • harry potter AND (audiobooks OR "talking books")
  • grafton AND (audiobooks OR "talking books")

Feature films, television series, and other videorecordings

  • lost AND videorecording
  • Hitchcock AND videorecording

Music and other sound recordings

  • mozart AND "sound recording"
  • woodstock AND "sound recording"


  • census AND software
  • perl AND software

"Refine my Results" (left sidebar on the Search results page) also allows you to quickly locate items in specific locations (such as PARKS Media) or by format.

Need more help?

Contact staff in the Media Center (2 Parks, Lower Level) during its open hours, where you can also view printed lists of popular A/V collections. Staff can also be reached by email or by phone (515 294-9373).

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