There are many ways to find articles in the ISU Library, all beginning at the Library homepage. Here are five different approaches to consider--choose the one that best meets your need!

Quick Search

In the Quick Search box on the Library homepage, use the first drop-down menu to select "Articles." If you wish, you can use the remaining drop-down menus to provide additional information about your keyword(s). The system will retrieve articles from the Quick Search Articles database, a single collection of over 400 million articles from major journal publishers and open access repositories. Many of the articles you retrieve will be available in full-text.

Not all article databases are available via Quick Search. For more database options, or to search a specific article database through its own unique interface, try...

Article Indexes & Databases

On the Article Indexes and Databases page, you can use the subject/research area and sub-category dropdowns to see a list of subject-related databases, browse alphabetically by database title or use the Title search to locate a specific database.

To search the database, click on the database name. To view information about a database, click on the information icon that follows some (but not all) database names.

Journals (A-Z)

If you're looking for a specific electronic journal, you can use the Journals (A-Z) link on the Library homepage. Currently, this tool provides access to e-journals only. Journals that are available only in printed format cannot be accessed in this way. Instead, you must use Quick Search.

Specific article by citation

If you're looking for a specific known article, you can enter the article title and identifying information for the journal in Citation Linker.


Librarians at ISU have prepared numerous guides to support research--both basic and advanced--in a variety of subject areas. Some guides are tailored to specific ISU courses. Often these guides provide helpful information on locating articles in relevant journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Need more help?

Contact staff at the Help & Information Desk during its open hours, or Ask us!

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